Target group

For which target group is the GDPR service intended?

The GDPR service is intended for anyone who needs to know about cookies from a website:

Operators of websites, blogs & online shops

The probably largest target group is without exception obliged to identify the cookies. The visitor must be given the chance to allow or block cookies on entering the site – BEFORE they are actually played. The active consent of the visitor is required here. The cookie service provides a valid cookie list for the respective consensus management system.

Recommended package: Standard

Consulting companies for data protection (DSGVO/ GDPR) or law firms

For this target group, the GDPR service has been extended so that up to 100 domains can be registered and scanned in the “Professional” and “Premium” packages. Here, the GDPR service offers reports for forwarding to customers, which can be output whitelabeled. The GDPR service eliminates tedious searching for cookie descriptions and sorting into cookie groups, as this is included in the GDPR service.

Recommended package: Premium

Data protection officer

This target group is very broad. On the one hand, the GDPR Service Data Protection Officer helps companies to prove the use of cookies and to be able to provide historical evidence of their use and thus to be secured for this area in the event of a check by the data protection authority. On the other hand, the GPDR service helps external or independently acting data protection officers. The regular checking of their clients’ websites with GDPR-Service facilitates the otherwise laborious process of searching for cookies, their validity and description.

Recommended package: Professionell

Developers, programmers, agencies

The GDPR service scans cookies across platforms (i.e. independent of any software) and makes them available for further technical use. In addition to the basic analyses and reporting of cookie information, a public REST API can be used to add the functionality of the cookie service to your own services. Providers of Consent-Management Extensions can use the GDPR-Cookie Service to enhance their own services.

Recommended package: Professionell